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Clinical Proven Result – Spot and Fineline Correction

Clinical Proven Result - Spot and Fineline Correction

Anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation is not a new concept in today’s skin care regime.  However, have you ever thought about how to fight sign of ageing and reduce pigments in a healthy, safe and natural way yet with visibly result?

Anumi offers you a high efficacy yet 100% natural beauty package, The Ultimate Perfection Dual Therapy, which can fight signs of ageing including finelines, wrinkles and pigment within 4-8 weeks.


Anumi Pro 10 C Serum is a SPOT AND FINELINE CORRECTOR.  It contains an exclusive 10% potent VCIP which is clinically proven to reduce pigmentation and ageing problems visibly in 8 weeks.  Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen and elastin production for improving skin condition. With regular use, this serum can help regulate and tighten the skin resulting in reduced appearance of wrinkles.



    1. The Most Expensive Natural Vitamin C – The Vitamin C we used in our formulation (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, VC-IP) is the most expensive and premium natural Vitamin C in the market . It costs 43 times an higher than Ascorbic Acid and 10 times higher than Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate which are the most commonly used Vitamin C’s in the market.
    2. Superior Skin Penetration VC-IP is derived from corn which is non-citric base Vitamin C. It exhibits excellent percutaneous absorption and effectively converts into free vitamin C in the skin to perform various physiological functions. It is also less irritating than other citric based Vitamin C.
    3. Heat- and Oxidation-stable Studies showed that VC IP inhibited Sebum Oxidation are at the same level as the control without UVB irradiation.  Also, our Vitamin C products are stability tested at 45 degrees Celsius to show our products are heat-stable.
    4. Best Performing Natural Vitamin C VC IP is a stabilized oil-soluble Vitamin C derivative.  It functions well in gel base, lotion base or cream base skin care products.
    5. Proven Efficacy VC-IP is approved as a quasi-drug active in Japan and is also registered in Korea as a functional Ingredient for skin lightening.

      *VC-IP is approved as a quasi-drug active in Japan and is also registered in Korea as a functional Ingredient for skin lightening.)

Functions of Anumi Pro 10 C Serum:

• Spot Correction          – Effectively inhibits melanogenesis in human melanoma cells.

                                      – Effectively reduces pigmentation including age spot

                                       – Protects cell / DNA against UVA & UVB damage.

• Fineline Reduction       – Stimulates cell proliferation and collagen synthesis to firm skin

                                       – Enriches antioxidant complex to reduce finelines and wrinkles

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